Credit Card Processing

Myrtle Beach Credit Card Processing

North Myrtle Beach Credit Card Processing

Murrells Inlet Credit Card Processing

Surfside Beach Credit Card Processing

Pawleys Island Credit Card Processing

Conway Credit Card Processing

Longs Credit Card Processing

Little River Credit Card Processing

Shallotte Credit Card Processing

Wilmington Credit Card Processing

Ocean Isle Credit Card Processing

Calabash Credit Card Processing

Garden City Credit Card Processing

Socastee Credit Card Processing

Sunset Beach Credit Card Processing

Cape Fear Credit Card Processing

Merchant Services

Myrtle Beach Merchant Services

North Myrtle Beach Merchant Services

Murrells Inlet Merchant Services

Surfside Beach Merchant Services

Pawleys Island Merchant Services

Conway Merchant Services

Longs Merchant Services

Little River Merchant Services

Shallotte Merchant Services

Wilmington Merchant Services

Ocean Isle Merchant Services

Calabash Merchant Services

Garden City Merchant Services

Socastee Merchant Services

Sunset Beach Merchant Services

Cape Fear Merchant Services


Myrtle Beach ATM

North Myrtle Beach ATM

Murrells Inlet ATM

Surfside Beach ATM

Pawleys Island ATM

Conway ATM

Longs ATM

Little River ATM

Shallotte ATM

Wilmington ATM

Ocean Isle ATM

Calabash ATM

Garden City ATM

Socastee ATM

Sunset Beach ATM

Cape Fear ATM

Check Guarantee

Myrtle Beach Check Guarantee

North Myrtle Beach Check Guarantee

Murrells Inlet Check Guarantee

Surfside Beach Check Guarantee

Pawleys Island Check Guarantee

Conway Check Guarantee

Longs Check Guarantee

Little River Check Guarantee

Shallotte Check Guarantee

Wilmington Check Guarantee

Ocean Isle Check Guarantee

Calabash Check Guarantee

Garden City Check Guarantee

Socastee Check Guarantee

Sunset Beach Check Guarantee

Cape Fear Check Guarantee

Electronic Payments

Myrtle Beach Electronic Payments

North Myrtle Beach Electronic Payments

Murrells Inlet Electronic Payments

Surfside Beach Electronic Payments

Pawleys Island Electronic Payments

Conway Electronic Payments

Longs Electronic Payments

Little River Electronic Payments

Shallotte Electronic Payments

Wilmington Electronic Payments

Ocean Isle Electronic Payments

Calabash Electronic Payments

Garden City Electronic Payments

Socastee Electronic Payments

Sunset Beach Electronic Payments

Cape Fear Electronic Payments

Debit Card Processing

Myrtle Beach Debit Card Processing

North Myrtle Beach Debit Card Processing

Murrells Inlet Debit Card Processing

Surfside Beach Debit Card Processing

Pawleys Island Debit Card Processing

Conway Debit Card Processing

Longs Debit Card Processing

Little River Debit Card Processing

Shallotte Debit Card Processing

Wilmington Debit Card Processing

Ocean Isle Debit Card Processing

Calabash Debit Card Processing

Garden City Debit Card Processing

Socastee Debit Card Processing

Sunset Beach Debit Card Processing

Cape Fear Debit Card Processing

Gift Cards

Myrtle Beach Gift Cards

North Myrtle Beach Gift Cards

Murrells Inlet Gift Cards

Surfside Beach Gift Cards

Pawleys Island Gift Cards

Conway Gift Cards

Longs Gift Cards

Little River Gift Cards

Shallotte Gift Cards

Wilmington Gift Cards

Ocean Isle Gift Cards

Calabash Gift Cards

Garden City Gift Cards

Socastee Gift Cards

Sunset Beach Gift Cards

Cape Fear Gift Cards

Loyalty Cards

Myrtle Beach Loyalty Cards

North Myrtle Beach Loyalty Cards

Murrells Inlet Loyalty Cards

Surfside Beach Loyalty Cards

Pawleys Island Loyalty Cards

Conway Loyalty Cards

Longs Loyalty Cards

Little River Loyalty Cards

Shallotte Loyalty Cards

Wilmington Loyalty Cards

Ocean Isle Loyalty Cards

Calabash Loyalty Cards

Garden City Loyalty Cards

Socastee Loyalty Cards

Sunset Beach Loyalty Cards

Cape Fear Loyalty Cards

Cash Advances

Myrtle Beach Cash Advances

North Myrtle Beach Cash Advances

Murrells Inlet Cash Advances

Surfside Beach Cash Advances

Pawleys Island Cash Advances

Conway Cash Advances

Longs Cash Advances

Little River Cash Advances

Shallotte Cash Advances

Wilmington Cash Advances

Ocean Isle Cash Advances

Calabash Cash Advances

Garden City Cash Advances

Socastee Cash Advances

Sunset Beach Cash Advances

Cape Fear Cash Advances

Ecommerce Processing

Myrtle Beach Ecommerce Processing

North Myrtle Beach Ecommerce Processing

Murrells Inlet Ecommerce Processing

Surfside Beach Ecommerce Processing

Pawleys Island Ecommerce Processing

Conway Ecommerce Processing

Longs Ecommerce Processing

Little River Ecommerce Processing

Shallotte Ecommerce Processing

Wilmington Ecommerce Processing

Ocean Isle Ecommerce Processing

Calabash Ecommerce Processing

Garden City Ecommerce Processing

Socastee Ecommerce Processing

Sunset Beach Ecommerce Processing

Cape Fear Ecommerce Processing


  • Credit Card Processing
  • Debit Card Processing
  • Ecommerce Processing
  • Point of Sale Systems
  • Cash Advances
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Gift Cards
  • ATM
  • Check Guarantee
  • Electronic Payments


CCMS has merchant service solutions for all businesses including restaurants, lodging, retail, web based internet processing, mail order & telephone order.  We also provide credit card processing for high risk businesses such as adult, timeshare, vacation clubs, ecigs, gun sales and more.

Kirk Grumbine – Agent of Clearent, LLC
Email: kirkgrumbine2003@yahoo.com
Phone: 910-209-4841

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